Ultimate guide to become a storytelling manager in 5+ infographics

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One of the most important capabilities of a manager is to be a good storyteller. Employees become truly engaged when they feel your authentic story (and not only hear). You become a thought leader if your people truly believe in the transformation you envision

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the telling of credible stories that are relevant to the target group and that ensure that there is a connection between events. These stories ensure that the target group understands (complex) information, remembers the information and creates an emotional bond.

Storytelling in 5 infographics

Why is storytelling so important?

People have an overload of information in their daily life. Information is not burned with an emotion so it will not stick in this overlaod.

How to tell a good story

This is steps you need to take to tell a good story


Your story in detail using techniques

his is how you your story should look like in detail.

Difference between your usual speach and stoytelling

Your usual speach is mostly on the right side. Try for the next to use storytelling to go to the left side.


Your job as a manager

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