Durf je NPS score als manager te vragen
Jeroen Stoter

Being a manager is a tough job. Being a manager in these times of remote working is an even tougher job. How do you stay connected to your team, how do you spend enough time on the emotional wellbeing of your people combined with reaching your (commercial) targets? This is a question that keeps everyone busy, especially when you are in a leadership position yourself.

 The key to remain effective at work and in all of your relationships is knowing yourself. What are your unique qualities as leader, what is your communication style and how do you like to give and receive feedback.

As you develop self knowledge, you will also gain a greater appreciation for the unique personalities of your team members. We all have something unique to offer and this perspective will help in building connection and appreciation within your team. Moreover you can create connection with your team by adapting your (communication) style to match the preference of the other.

So how do your know your communication preference and that of the other?

There are numerous personality assessment tools out there that will help you to understand yourself better. My favorite one, which I use a lot for personal and team development is Lumina Spark.  Lumina Spark measures 24 qualities and shows your preferences in a detailed profile, without labeling or judging any of the qualities. You first get to know your own key qualities and development points and then you talk about this within the team. As a leader this gives a unique opportunity to show up as your true self, be vulnerable and admit that no one is perfect. This will encourage others to do the same and will create a strong feeling of connection and understanding of one another.

 So which qualities are crucial for a leader in a hybrid world?

I believe adaption and flexibility are crucial in these challenging times. We need to constantly adapt and be flexible and we don’t all deal well with changes. Next to adaption and flexibility,  a great deal of empathy, deep listening  and being present are valuable qualities for a leader. And when you realize you these qualities don’t come naturally, you can practice them to become more skillful.

And of course you need to maintain a balance and spend enough time on clear goal setting and  taking charge of the team. We all like strong leaders and we like them the most when they are empathetic ánd result driven. So you can grow and learn together and truly co-create as a team.

 So what can you do in these times of remote working?

  • Meet your team offline and use this time to connect
  • Create a team agreement, how to work together, what kind of team culture you want to create
  • Get to know your team (assessment tool like Lumina Spark)
  • Get to know your own leadership style (assessment tool like Lumina Leader)

 And… at all times keep an open mind and keep on asking questions. What drives your people, what keeps them busy or awake at night. Don’t try to fix  everything but allow time and space to listen to your team, they might have surprising good ideas to help them thrive. The idea that the wisdom is in the group might even take some pressure of you as a leader. You are in there together.

Annetje Suorsa is an entrepreneur, trainer and teamcoach. Everywhere where working together is a challenge, her experience as a team manager comes in handy. She thrives when working with complex team dynamics and supporting them to become a better version of themselves. She focuses on developing teams within organisations, creating solid teams ready for long lasting change, through daring conversations and tangible action plans.


Annetje is a qualified Lumina Spark and Lumina Select practitioner. She is trained in Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) with CRR Global and currently in certification. She also holds the Green Belt certificate of Lean Competency. 

Jeroen Stoter is an entrepreneur, transformation manager, trainer and coach. He guides organizations in their desire to get more agility be more customers & employee focussed. He is expert in the role of executives and Management Teams in this changes. He is certified Lean / Agile / SAFe practitioner.

With the LeadershipRebels knowledge platform, he aims to let managers and professionals themselves set an example in the change. He provides insights on themes such as (personal) leadership, change management, scaling and coaching

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